Our Experience


In the second half of the 1990´s, Claudio André Galván, founder of our Law Firm, began shaping this initiative based on his past experience and convinced of the need to modify the way legal advice was provided, based on the changes that were taking place in terms of business management.

For more than a decade, Claudio was part of Estudio Jurídico Labaké, where he ran the Client Business Advice sector. During his last years at such firm, he was responsible for supervising and managing the Banks´ portfolio, consisting of banks that were clients of the firm.

At the same time, he developed his teaching career at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), in the subject area Civil and Commercial Contracts, which was part of the Common Professional Component (CPC by its Spanish acronym). He was Assignment Chief for said subject, and he also gave the subjects “Contracts within the Framework of Mercosur” and “Banking Contracts” as part of the Targeted Professional Component (CPO by its Spanish acronym) at said School. He continued to work as a professor at the Law School of such university until 2011.

In 2002, as a result of the prevailing economic crisis, the Law Firm began getting increasingly involved in the business activity of its subscribed clients, working as permanent advisor and consultant for a more efficient business and labor management, constantly and directly interacting with decision-makers. Said activity continued through time and, currently, it has created a beneficial integration between both parties, as the Law Firm participates in the decision-making process of its clients in connection with business, HR, and labor matters. We also share our knowledge in order to optimize the business, economic, and financial management of those who rely on our expertise. In addition, as of 2005, the advice, management and representation service for collective bargaining agreements negotiation was added to the activities of the Firm.

On March 2006, Claudio Galván began providing advice to the Chamber of Drinks Transport Companies (CEDAB by its Spanish acronym), and then he was appointed CEO at CEDAB, position that he holds until today. He was also appointed CEDAB Advisor at the Argentine Cargo Transport Entities’ Federation (FADEEAC by its Spanish acronym), and participates as such at FADEEAC’s Federal Council Meetings that take place every 45 days, and where all of the Transportation Chambers of the country gather to discuss the sector’s topics of interest.

As of 2011, the Law Firm also got permanently involved in advising some of its clients in the Human Resources area. As such, it provided consulting services related to defining and implementing general policies of such companies, as well as designing and monitoring the implementation of new management practices (teams, shifts, sector re-organizing, etc.). Together with this service, the Law Firm began managing trade union proceedings, claims and negotiations, particularly in connection with the Healthcare Trade Union (ATSA – Northern Area) and the Metallurgical Workers’ Union (UOM – San Martín).

Simultaneously, beginning in 2012, the Law Firm started providing a leading retailer in our country with a claim management service in connection with the Law of Consumption, by taking care of all its administrative claims (and, later, in this particular case, its legal claims) existing in the country, and developing to such end a substantial Correspondent List in all major cities across all Argentine provinces.