Contract Law


Due to our vast experience in this field and our deep understanding of the various aspects involved, the advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts is one of the most requested services.

In order to provide an overall protection, the members of our Law Firm participate from the very beginning of the preliminary negotiations of the contract, so that the commercial business, that every contract represents, may be jointly outlined and assessed by our Law Firm and the client.

Our professionals’ intervention at this stage allows the Law Firm to fully visualize the core business of the contract. At the same time, it allows the client to early deal with its counterpart those important factual situations which may be commercially and legally contentious, and include a friendly settlement by mutual consent in the contract, where necessary.

Being part of the preliminary commercial negotiations facilitates the subsequent drafting of the contract, as it allows understanding not only the business sought by the parties, but also the spirit and common thrust behind such relationship.

In some specific cases of complex contracts (among them, IT-related contracts, sale of businesses, joint ventures or mergers) or group of contracts (i.e., ancillary contracts), we only contact our clients to carry out this specific activity. In these cases, the services delivered by our Law Firm may include one or several of the following: creation and drafting of the contract, consulting services on the project’s commercial feasibility and/or contract follow-up.

In this globalized age and, also, with the country’s typical uncertainty and the existence of a new Code in force since August, 2015, our clients recognize the fact of receiving advice as a differential added value, which includes specific and updated knowledge on global and regional hiring trends, providing assistance from the very beginning throughout the path towards a contract signing and until its complete fulfillment.