Other Services


The Consulting services offered to our clients include different issues related to specific or permanent needs.

In many cases, only the legal advice is not enough to satisfy all the client’s needs, and the comprehensive view of the client’s business we have gained as a result of the existing special bond with them allows us to provide support with general consulting services and offer special services regarding different corporate decisions or new projects.

We can design and implement services or only act as external consultants, and as such provide support and assistance in those processes. In general, these services are provided to the senior management of the company hiring us. Although these services are usually contracted by our own clients, it is neither required nor necessary to have been our client to contact the Consulting Department.

We have provided Consulting services to our clients for the following specific cases:

●    New projects in existing companies or Entrepreneurs in the IT, Real Estate, Gastronomy or Textile sectors: advice regarding the Business Plan and its progress monitoring. Analysis of the project’s legal, financial and operational risks. Design and drafting of the Project’s legal engineering. Support and advice on the search and selection of the staff in charge of managing the different stages of the Project.
●    Relocation or change of address. Relocation plan design. Design and implementation of negotiations with the trade unions involved and the staff (or just advice for the latter). Design and negotiation of compensations and benefits to be granted due to relocation. Drafting of all the instruments to be signed so as to reflect the agreement.
●    Design of new work shifts, or tasks divided into teams with rotating shifts. Negotiation with trade unions and workers. Drafting of the instruments to be signed.
●    Design and implementation of a staff training plan. Trainers’ recruitment. Course management control and staff assessment.
●    Drafting of plans concerning employee Benefits and Compensations.
●    Drafting of Variable Remuneration Plans. Bonus system with the appraisal of objective and subjective aspects, and with individual and group brackets.
●    Design, implementation and follow-up of the company’s in-house communication policy.
●    Policy and decision-making design aimed at implementing and stating a company’s culture and the expected behavior of management and workers.